A staple in Sweden since 1948, and worn on just about every Scandinavian back, these packs have made it across the Atlantic to help Americans learn how awesome they are for hiking or urban hefting.  Made from super strong Vinylin and light as a feather. We carry 3 sizes – the mini Kanken, the larger Kanken and the even larger 15″ Laptop Kanken –  in a smorgasbord of colors.  In any size or color, a must have.

15″ Kanken Laptop black

15″ Kanken Laptop purple

Kanken Mini warm yellow

Kanken Mini putty

Kanken Mini purple

Kanken Mini navy blue

Kanken Mini oxblood red

Kanken Mini moss

Kanken Mini graphite

Kanken Mini forest

Kanken Mini brick

Kanken Mini royal blue

Kanken Mini black

Kanken Mini peach pink

Kanken Mini brown

Kanken Mini forest green/oxblood red straps

Kanken Mini frost green

Kanken Mini green

Kanken Mini mud

Kanken Mini pink

Kanken Mini violet

Kanken Mini ice blue

Kanken Mini light blue

Kanken Mini teal

Kanken Mini black/oxblood red straps

Kanken Mini pink/royal blue straps

Kanken  frost green

Kanken black/oxblood red straps

Kanken bright lemon/oxblood red straps

Kanken forest green

Kanken graphite

Kanken green

Kanken ice blue

Kanken ice blue

Kanken moss green

Kanken mud

Kanken navy

Kanken peach pink

Kanken pink

Kanken purple

Kanken putty

Kanken royal blue

Kanken teal

Kanken uncle blue

Kanken violet

Kanken oxblood red

Kanken forest green/oxblood red straps

Kanken brown

*We wish we could have uploaded images of all our awesomeness, but your eyes would probably explode … So put down the mouse and come see everything we’ve got on 4th street in Berkeley.