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Plae Shoes for Super Active Kids

Fresh PLAE shoes, all made from recycled materials, have arrived at Convert Shoes. Engineered to your child’s feet, PLAE promote natural movement. Eco-ortholite insoles provide excellent shock absorption. Even better, pop ’em in the wash whenever nasty. Sort of perfect for back-to-school.



A Sandal For Every Mood

The weather is warming. Happily it is becoming sandal season. And Convert has many a sandal. In fact, a sandal for every mood. Sling back. Tassled. Wedge. Mule. Platform. Demure. Happy. Silly. Flowery. Sexy. We think you get the jist. Check them all out here.



Coolway – shoes from Spain with a

Coolway is a great find for us at Convert! Brand new to the USA, it’s a deservedly very popular shoe brand in Spain. The shoes are super fun. The best way for us to describe them is that they’ve got this really great bohemian vibe going on. So they’re really unique and cute. They’ve got […]



Fortress of Inca – fair trade and

Fortress of Inca makes beautiful women’s shoes in Peru and ensures the people who make the shoes work in a safe environment and receive a fair wage and benefits. We admire this and are proud to carry the line. Today, Evan Streusand, the founder will be at Convert Shoes in Berkeley, presenting the new spring […]



Fierce Boots from Seychelles

Nina Garcia, once said, “putting on fierce boots is an instant pick-me-up”. So we’re ecstatic that Seychelles’ super fierce boots have arrived at Convert. And to make it even more exciting, if you’re the Bay Area this weekend, come by the Seychelles Boot Event to geek out over their amazingly fine boots. (Preview some of […]