Convert Kicks off Partnership with the Sierra Club



Convert Kicks off Partnership with the Sierra Club

We love Hex Bags because they are so rugged, practical and help you get so much done. And now they do even more because when you buy them from Convert (and only Convert), 2% of the purchase price goes to the Sierra Club.

This partnership with the Sierra Club kicks off with an event on Sat, April 1st at Convert on Fourth Street in Berkeley and on April 2 on our store in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. On this day, 10% of all sales (on top of 2% of Hex bags sales) will go to support the Sierra Club. Any Sierra Club member who brings in a friend to join the Sierra Club will receive 10% off any purchase at Convert, as will the new member. Cocktails will be served and there’s a gift with any Hex purchase.

Come check out Convert’s collection of sustainable apparel and accessories and support the Sierra Club!