Goldsign Denim Guru: Amy Williams



Goldsign Denim Guru: Amy Williams

As part of our ongoing conversations with our favorite brands, we had a chance to catch up with Amy Williams who is at the helm at Goldsign Denim.

Goldsign takes a fashion-forward approach to denim.  The brand offers impeccable craftsmanship and amazing fits.  Of course, we love that it’s made in the USA.  We brought the brand in two years ago to and seen it work its way into the wardrobes of our best dressed customers (who look like a million bucks in their Goldsign).

After you read the interview, make sure you check out some of the lux styles that Goldsign offers here.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The inspiration for the Goldsign brand can come from anywhere, but we are inspired and motivated by the desires of our fashion-forward devotees who are looking for both unique silhouettes and classic fits in the highest quality denim. Vintage is always a great reference point when we are developing a new collection.



How could your company incorporate more sustainable practices?

We are lucky enough to own our own laundry in LA, meaning all Goldsign jeans are designed, cut and washed in house. Having control of our own production process means we are able to be as mindful as possible about best practice, and have total visibility about how our garments are made.

Any new directions or ideas you can share about the line?

We have a very timeless DNA for the Goldsign brand, which is: Not for everybody. Out of the blue. Sophisticated. Rich. Luxury. Timeless. Elegance. Quality. Soft and feminine. Innovative. Unexpected. Before everybody else.

What’s your favorite word?


What is the next big trend on fashion?

That’s a huge question to answer, but denim ready-to-wear options will continue to grow, and we will see more and more of a move back to classic true blue washes and vintage looking jeans. Prints and overly-treated jeans are definitely out

What’s your take on the trend toward shopping online?

The great thing about online shopping is that it makes brands accessible to everyone, anywhere int he world, and we love the idea that everyone can buy into the Goldsign brand regardless of whether they are near to one of our stockists or not. However, we also love bricks and mortar retail; there is nothing more exciting than seeing our product beautifully merchandised in a store alongside other luxury brands. The in-store  experience for the customer, as well, is truly special.