Interview w/Naked & Famous founder, Brandon Svarc



Interview w/Naked & Famous founder, Brandon Svarc

This is the first of many conversations  with the designers  whose brands were proud to include in our curated selection of fashion that is gentle on the planet.

Meet Brandon Svarc, the founder and creative genius behind the Naked & Famous Denim Brand.  Brandon is a wild and imaginative creator and a visionary in the denim field.   With Naked & Famous, he offers an awesome collection of masterfully-created denim jeans and shirts made from sustainably produced Japanese fabrics.   We don’t know how he does it, but his price points are crazy reasonable for premium denim.   (Also, be sure to check out the video below where Brandon and his team give us an insider view on how Naked & Famous denim jeans are made.)

(Once you’re fully inspired, click here to see the new spring ’14 Naked & Famous collection at Convert.)

brand-svarc-3Where do you get your inspiration?
We get inspiration from our memories of being little kids. When you are a child, your imagination is the greatest it will ever be. When I was a little boy I had glow in the dark stickers on my ceiling, so we made glow in the dark jeans. I had those books with scratch ‘n sniff parts, so we made scratch ‘n sniff jeans. Our childlike imaginations will continue to inspire us to make great and fun things.

How could your company incorporate more sustainable practices?
We proudly make all our products in Canada with fair wages and all our fabric comes from Japan. We will continue to use fair and sustainable production.

Any new directions or ideas you can share about the line?
For next season we will make reflective jeans!

What’s your favorite word?
Sugoi – It means “amazing” or “incredible” in Japanese.

What is the next big trend on fashion?
Who cares? Shopping based on trends is for 12 year old girls who watch too much MTV. Isn’t it better to buy products that are fun and well-made and offer good product value instead of what is trendy?

What’s your take on the trend toward shopping online?
I don’t know if online shopping can be called a “trend”. I think it’s just the reality of life in 2014. Consumers want to shop from the comfort of their own homes and have a vast and searchable selection of products.