Welcome to Convert,

As a buyer for the last 23 years, I have always enjoyed finding great clothing, shoes and accessories for my customers, but when I decided to open my own store, it had to be about more than just buying the coolest new denim line.

Enter my passion for environmental issues and all things “green”. With the opening of Convert, I saw an opportunity to bring my eco-passion to my customers – as well as great looking clothes.

The thought process behind Convert is all about giving men and women great fashion options from brands that are already sustainably produced, brands which have eco-options within their collections, or companies willing to make a change in the way they do business.

There are many environmentally friendly apparel lines available, and some of them turn out some great fashion. Many, unfortunately, do not. I have a certain aesthetic when it comes to buying, and no matter how minimal the eco-impact, if it doesn’t look stylish, it’s out. I want my customers to discover great fashion at Convert they want to show off, and know they are helping the planet as an added bonus.

Since the inception of Convert, I have been working directly with a number of non-eco-conscious vendors, asking them to think about how their products effect the environment and what they can do to reduce their impact. If I find a line that has great style, and will promise me they will make an effort to be sustainable in the future (i.e., in the next season or two), I will carry the line. And that may mean a number of things, be it switching to domestic organic cotton or bringing some manufacturing back to the USA. Change sometimes comes in small, but dedicated steps in the right direction.

Noting that sustainable footwear is hard to come by and comes at a price, we recently opened Convert Shoes. The footwear industry is particularly tough on the environment, so we’re really excited about supporting shoe companies that are going against the curve and producing shoes that leave less of a footprint, so to speak. We have also noticed a huge demand for vegan shoes, which are very earth-friendly, so we’re working on building a great selection of chic vegan footwear, along with domestic product and lines with recycled components.

Bottom line, the more you shop here, the more clout I have to get more apparel and accessories companies to do the right thing. You care about what you put into your body, now care about what you put on it.

Thanks for giving Convert a look.

Randy Brewer