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Philosophy - Why We're In This

Welcome to Aiken (formerly Convert),

As a retail apparel buyer for the last 30 years at boutiques like Villains and Rolo in San Francisco, I always enjoyed finding great clothing, shoes and accessories for my customers, but when I decided to open my own store, it had to be about more than just buying the coolest new denim line.

Enter my passion for environmental issues and all things “green”. Over the last nine years Aiken, has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other like minded clothing companies, as well as push others to get on the eco-fashion train. 

The thought process behind Aiken is all about giving men and women great fashion options from brands that are already sustainably produced, brands which have eco-options within their collections, or companies willing to make a change in the way they do business.

There are many environmentally friendly apparel lines available, and some of them turn out some great fashion. Many, unfortunately, do not. I have a certain aesthetic when it comes to buying, and no matter how minimal the eco-impact, if it doesn’t look stylish, it’s out. I want my customers to discover great fashion at Aiken they want to show off, and know they are helping the planet as an added bonus.

Since the inception of Aiken, I have been working directly with a number of non-eco-conscious vendors, asking them to think about how their products effect the environment and what they can do to reduce their impact. We've been lucky to work with lines on every level of the sustainability spectrum. Some have created small domestically produced capsules just to be in our store, while others donate a percentage of our sales to eco-friendly charities to keep us interested while they figure out ways to be more sustainable. It's been an amazing journey so far and I know the best is yet to come. Look for big changes in the near future and keep shopping with a conscience. 

Thanks for giving Aiken a look.

Randy Brewer
Buyer and Co-owner

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